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organic agriculture olive oil
T H R E E  O L I V E S
Varieties: Koroneiki (Microcarpa alba) 70%.
  Athinolia (Mamilaris) 15%.
  Koutsourelia (Microphylla-Mastoides) 15%.

P.G.I. (Protected Geographical Indication)


Nature in our plate.

Through a lot of care and effort, and the only friend on our side being nature herself, we have created an exceptional kind olive oil.

A unique mixture of different varieties of olive trees that have been cultivated with care and protection for many years. Traditionally, olive oil in Laconia is produced through a mix of olive drupes. We never mix different varieties of olive oils; each variety of olive oil is being extracted straight from the drupes once the selection stage has been completed.

This selection and mixture of different varieties produces a rich and balanced olive oil that enhances the taste of every food without taking over the other beautiful flavours of your dish. Suitable for all culinary uses (salads, cooking).

A variety with a balanced, slightly spicy flavour and a fine aroma.

Extraction within 10 – 12 hours of daily harvest.

Excellent physicochemical analysis results . 

The modern methods of organic cultivation that we have chosen to use, following our expertise and experience, protect the environment and produce products of high quality.

Available in glass bottles of 500 ml (also available in packages of 750ml upon request).


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