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G R E E N  O L I V E

Varieties: 1) Athinolia or Tsounati (Mamilaris).
                   2) Koroneiki (Microcarpa alba)

Organic agriculture product. 

P.G.I. (Protected Geographical Indication).


A type of olive oil that should be expected soon to be encountered even on pharmacy selves.

It is produced in November, right before olives start to mature.

At this stage of maturation, according to academic research, olive oil is very beneficial for a healthy organism, especially if the olive drupes are from the varieties Koroneiki or Athinolia.

Our olive oil from unripe olives has been acknowledged by the University of Athens for its highly beneficial contribution in terms of health protection.

Extraction within 10 – 12 hours of daily harvest. 

This particular variety in not being filtered, therefore sediments from the olive drupes can be encountered, which has been positively evaluated from the experts.

Ideal for salads and dishes with vegetables.  

Available in glass bottles of 500 ml (also available in packages of 750ml upon request).


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