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C i t r u s  f r u i t s
A b o u t  O r a n g e s

The different varieties

Citrus fruits are a natural source of youth and well-being.

They have always been related with Vitamin C and the reinforcement of the immune system.

Today, citrus fruits are considered to be a great source of folic acid, minerals and micronutrients, fibres, as well as dozens of other important and beneficial for the body substances, with high antioxidant action.

Oranges, tangerines, bergamots and grapefruits; we offer you a paradise of citrus fruits with exceptional aroma and flavour, all of them fresh and perfectly matured.

All our products are certified goods of organic agriculture from the farm of two brothers, Christos and Tassos Golemis.

None of our products are being stored in refrigerators or artificially matured. We offer to our consumers fresh goods which retain their full nutritional value.

Harvesting takes place once a week. We collect only the fruits that have reached an appropriate size and maturation level.

This process is very demanding and possibly counterproductive, as it entails that every tree is harvested five to six times; however, this process guarrantees that we offer to our consumers completely natural and fresh goods.


V I T A M I N S  A L L  Y E A R  R O U N D  
F R O M  N A T U R E  T O  Y O U R  P L A TE

"I had planted an orange tree;
whose beauty anyone would envy.
Early in the morning I would give it a kiss
In the evening, birds would take it away."


The orange is considered to be the king of citrus fruits. It contains the vitamins, the micronutrients and the minerals of the fruits of its category in great quantities. It is also a true gastronomic treasure.

Except from the most common ways to enjoy oranges (raw, juice, jam, preserve, liqoeur), they are also used in salads (most commonly with lettuce or spinach, pomegranate and almonds), enriching the dish with their great aroma and freshness.

Moreover, it is very often used as an additive to meat and fish, to enhance the flavour and the aroma of the dish.

Most of the oranges available in the market look beautiful and shinny due to wax cleaning. That means that after harvesting and before launching them to the market, after being washed and dried, they are disinfected with fungicides and covered by a paraffin wax application. This is a method that preserves them from rotting.

However, many researches from Consumers Unions (such as the National Consumer Union of Italy), have shown that within 15 to 20 minutes after the application, these chemicals penetrate the skin of the fruit. This alters their aroma and their taste.

Products of organic agriculture are never treated with chemicals or with paraffin.

Lastly, we produce many different varieties of oranges, offering to the consumer fresh oranges all year round. Instead of using long lasting preservation techniques, we follow methodic cultivation schemes for the different varieties of the fruit, so their fruition lasts all year long.


OCT./15 - NOV./15 
OCT./10 - NOV./10
OCT./20 - DEC./10
NOV./10 - DEC./20
DEC./15 - MAR./15
JAN./10 - FEB./20
FEB./15 - MAR./15
FEB./10 - MAY/31
MAR./20 - APR./20
MAR./01 - APR./15
MAY/15 - JULY/20
DEC./20 - JAN./20
DEC./20 - JAN./31

All our citrus fruits are available in the market, and they are always fresh. They are never stored in refrigerators. Harvesting takes place once a week, only during the periods indicated above.

All our goods are products
of organic agriculture.

For bulk sale, please contact us.


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