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Announcements by Greek professors and P.Magiatis and E.Melliou at Harvard University Conference “Mediterranean Diet and Workplace Health”.

olive_treeOn September 27th and 28th at the Health Sciences Faculty of Harvard University in Boston took place the  '' Mediterranean Diet and Workplace Health '' Conference.

Two scientists who participated in the conference from Greece,
Dr. Prokopis Magiatis and Dr. Eleni Melliou, made three significant announcements on their work in polyphenolic components of olive oil.

The Agricultural Cooperative Palaiopanagias and Panayiotis Diamantakos from "LAS" had the honor to participate actively in this pioneering research led by the two professors regarding the effect of olive oil phenols in human's cardiovascular health.

The reference to the original article was published at the “OliveOil Times". For more information check the link below:


Sensory analysis reports and aromatic profiling of our olive oil

Here are the reports and analyzes aroma of olive oil that we were given from the Kalamata
Olive Oil Taste Laboratory

Organic extra virgin olive oil

A well balanced green olive oil with medium levels of bitterness and pungency

A fresh green scent as strong aromas of fresh cut grass and artichoke with hints of tomato leaf, pepper and green banana captivate the nose, leading to a smooth buttery flavor in the mouth and a strong pungent feeling in the throat.

Sensory Evaluation - Biological Olive Oil

Aroma Analysis - Biological Olive Oil

organic olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil

Olive oil exhibits green fruity aromas, medium to high bitterness and strong pungency.

A fresh green bouquet of grass, tomato leaf, herbs and artichoke fill the nose. Creamy and fruity on the palate, this olive oil finishes with a throat catching pungency.

Sensory Evaluation – Integrated Management Olive Oil

Aroma Analysis - Integrated Management Olive Oil


Las at Farmer’s Republic



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Researchers Say New Tool Measures Olive Oil ‘Healthfulness’

How good a specific extra virgin olive oil is for your health could be easier to assess with a new Greek system to measure and rate the content of key olive compounds. Last year Dr. Prokopios Magiatis and Dr. Eleni Melliou from the Athens University announced their discovery of a new fast and accurate tool to measure key health promoting compounds found in extra virgin olive oil.

Dr.Magiatis                  Dr.Melliou

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