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  Who we are

Our company produces and retails agricultural products of Mediterranean diet, which have been tested and cultivated in Greece for centuries.

It is our obligation to present to the consumers our products as they really are, avoiding exaggerations for publicity purposes.

In this context, we strictly follow the retailing and labelling regulations of the European Union.

Our aim is to offer to our consumers products of high quality and excellent taste.

For these purposes, we use technology in a way that it does not cancel out our traditional cropping methods and that is also environmentally friendly.


O u r  H o m e l a n d

Where we are based?

Our profile could be sketched out by many different things; our homeland is one of them.

We are based in Paleopanagia in the municipality of Laconia. A semi-alpine village, 11 Km southern to Sparta, at the foot of Mount Taygetus at an altitude of 340 m.


The area of Paleopanagia has a mild climate, with over 2.200 hours of sunlight on a yearly basis. Our land consists of rocky areas and alkaline soil; an ideal environment for our crops

Evrotas river basin is surrounded by two big mountains, Taygetus and Parnonas. The geographical isolation of Laconia and thus the difficulty in accessing it, does have some positive aspects:

Laconia has been and still is an agricultural area.

With very few exceptions, it has remained untouched by the period of the so-called green development, which involved excessive soil cultivation, excessive use of fertilizers and inconsiderate use of pesticides.

This is how our land met quickly and easily the modern consumer demands for healthy agricultural products.

The development in our area in the last 25 years mainly involved the use of increasingly advanced mechanical means of production and product standardisation, yet without involving agricultural intensification which leads to excessive use of chemicals. As the years pass by, we realize that those choices not only were the right ones, but they are also fruitful.

In Laconia we mainly have crops of olive trees and citrus fruits.

O u r  N a m e

How we chose our name, “LAS”

In ancient Doric dialect “las” («λας») referred to the stone, which is solid and everlasting.
In the very ancient Pelasgian dialect, according to the experts, “las” referred to the spirit of the sky.

Las, according to Greek mythology, was one of the first men that was made out of the stones that Deucalion and Pyrrha were throwing behind them after the deluge described by the ancient Greek poet, Hesiod.

Las was one of the most important Laconian mythical heroes. According to the myth, Las was killed by Achilles, when the latter visited Sparta as a suitor for Helen of Troy.


   Mount Taygetus (photo: TALETON)

The stone and the light from the sky are tightly bound in our homeland; between them are the olive trees, the vineyards, the pomegranate trees, the orange trees, as well as many other fruit trees that have always been growing and flourishing in our homeland.

This place can be cruel,
like silence,
the sunburnt cobblestone,
embracing with light
its orphan olive trees
and its vineyards


St. Nicholas in Lefkochroma (photo: TALETON)

Our name is interwoven with the history of our homeland.